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David Caspillo

Our goal is to bring together Patriots in an effort to maintain the foundation of freedom in America by leveraging the minds of successful, entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, doctors, alternative media influencers and YOU. Together we will hold back tyranny and forever preserve this great nation.

About THE leadership

David Caspillo

Managing Partner Founder at COMERIT

David is a true technology enthusiast that has spent the last 20 plus years supporting strategic enterprise solutions for major Fortune 500 companies. His career long mission has been to maintain knowledge of the latest technologies impacting our universe. "I believe working with the latest technologies is critical to being effective while consulting organizations through large scale transformations."

Mr. Caspillo got his start in the dotcom era out of Silicon Valley, CA. providing consulting solutions to many startups and big enterprises as new web strategies of 90’s rolled out. Much of the effort was in implementing large Enterprise Application integration and custom development. Through successfully providing solutions in multiple industries including Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Aerospace and Defense, Food Services, and Pharma, David realized there were opportunities that could benefit society as a whole. He saw that technology and business best practices could be leverage for the benefit of individuals if they could gain access. In the dawn of Web3 and blockchain, the technology allows users full ownership over their content, data, and assets. This is in great contrast to companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which maintains control and power of individuals data. 

Web3 has the ability to transfer data control to the community and is a great platform to bring leaders and like minded individuals together in an effort to collaborate on efforts and knowledge required to take back our sovereignty and dictate our future well being. Joining this movement is just the beginning.

David's Web 3.0 street credibility includes:

Blockchain ERC-20 and ERC-721 development!
Layer 2 platform and marketplaces
NFT platform for creating and selling

Enterprise commerce marketplaces
Decentralized social networking platforms
Crypto wallets
Building social networks and communities

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