Stop the Tyranny and Forever Preserve This Great Nation!

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Join the Movement that is Bringing Together Freedom Lovers Around The World In An Effort to Restore the Foundations of  Freedom in the world by Leveraging the Minds of Successful, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Alternative Media Influencers, and YOU. Together we can help one another enjoy life, liberty and the purist of happiness throughout the world!


There is a Major Problem

We all know there's a major problem in our world today. People all over the Earth are suffering from the tyrannical grip of a system that is designed to keep people enslaved in a way of life in  which there is little hope of escape.

Unable to break free, they're trapped in drugs, trafficking, pornography, alcohol, debt, divorce and moral conflicts.

The moral principles that have been proven over time to make societies great have been mocked and scorned in hopes we would abandon them, and the wisdom that creates whole life abundance has been replaced by promoting a philosophy of short-term gain. 

Financially we have been stripped of our power to help those causes that pull on our hearts because most people lack the financial literacy & resources and the wisdom to make a positive change.

Those with ample financial resources are funding campaigns and initiatives that are destroying the very fabric of our world for their gain, without regard for the people who empowered them to get there.

The rising cost of inflation is forcing us to decide between gas or food and greatly diminishes our ability to educate our children, contribute to causes important to us, and steals from our retirement. 

We watch in anger as politicians make decisions that erode the principles that caused ALL to thrive, but now improves the lives of the wicked, destroys our nations, render us powerless to do anything. 

Many are feeling helpless as we watch the morals and values that have caused our lives and our world to prosper & thrive, being systematically removed by a powerful media that is forcing a narrative aiming to manipulate us into segments and divide us to fight against one other, rendering us weak and divisible.

There is a growing tide of hopelessness that is infecting our minds and hearts because we don't know what we can specifically do to turn the tide to make the world better for our children. 

It is without a doubt that We can all agree there is a group determined to destroy us. (the Patriots)

BUT... That's All About to Change.

It is in darkness that light shines the brightest. It is in adversity that the seeds of greatness begin to flourish.

There is a solution that was launched this July 4 2022, that will not only equip you with the vehicle to significantly improve your financial future, but more importantly empower you with the knowledge, wisdom & understanding and tools for you to finally walk in the sovereign freedom you were destined to be living in to, while also equipping you to make the difference your heart cries out for.

Welcome to the America First Sovereign NFT the NEW Digital Bullion

By now you may have heard the rage and excitement of NFTs and how billions are being poured into this decentralized environment. 

In 2020, $232 million went into this market and in 2021, it was estimated at $22 billion. But it’s not stopping there. Because of market conditions and the growing popularity of collectible trading along with the increasing importance of decentralized Finance (DeFi), the market is expected to increase significantly by 2031. 

This technology is crucial in this environment, but the euphoria behind it is causing many to not see the true value. 

It's going to be used in ways many can't imagine yet, and will unlock the metaverse in ways that we've only begun to realize. It is being positioned to be used in every segment of the market. 

And there is ONE WAY that will not only make people financially free, but also help them break free from the tyrannical beast system that is enslaving humanity today through economic, educational and spiritual slavery.

One Key Element is Causing All Our Problems!

The problem that America faces, and the world at large for that matter, boils down to one key element, a lack of knowledge of experiential knowledge. It is the lack of knowledge in critical life skills that keep us enslaved.

We go through roughly 14,000 hours of education by the time we get into the real world, and not once, unless you specialize in it, are you taught about finances, health, relationships, communication, parenting and spiritual growth. 

What happens when we get launched into life? Where do we struggle the most? 

The clues are too obvious
Parenting and
Spiritual growth

A Lack of Knowledge!

Just look at our world and what do you see? It’s falling apart at the seams and those in positions of power are laughing at us, hoping we won’t see the light! All our problems in our world stem from a lack of knowledge.

Knowledge of your sovereign rights
Knowledge of your true identity
Knowledge of your divine authority
Knowledge of how to prosper
Knowledge of how to take care of your health & energy
Knowledge of how to direct your focus & attention on what matters most
Knowledge of how to manage and direct your energy for maximum impact
Knowledge of how to deal with the forces in the spiritual realm
Knowledge of how to make your relationships thrive and be fruitful
Knowledge of how to connect with your children and cause them to feel loved and empowered so they can thrive
Knowledge of how to manage your finances. So you can leave a legacy

Remember this scene? 

Hope is Stronger Than Fear!

Do you recall that scene in the movie The Mocking-jay when President Snow warns what happens when people feel hope? Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. And a lot of hope is dangerous.

When people have hope, they fight! They don't give up. They keep pressing on! 

When people gain the knowledge they need in the key life skill areas they become hopeful.  Dangerously hopeful for their lives, their future, their freedoms and our own world. 

When we empower them with the right knowledge, we can thrive and make a the positive change we need in our world. 

When a lot of us come together with knowledge and hope, instead of being divided, we become a powerful & unstoppable movement. 

We become a MOVEMENT of change.

America First Sovereign NFT
A Movement of Freedom!

The American first sovereign NFT is an NFT that will not only empower those who own it with the knowledge they need to become free, but it will also unite them with a family of likeminded freedom warriors that want to stop the destruction of America 1st than the rest of the world.

A group of men and women who are tired of being oppressed and want to do something about what's happening. Those who want the financial freedom to make a real difference and help others get free. 

A family behind a movement of Freedom!

The America First Sovereign NFT is the first and only NFT that unlocks a literal treasure of benefits -providing you a golden key to unlock the path to your ultimate destiny.

How, You Might Ask?

When you own an America First Sovereign NFT you unlock a vault of freedom that will put you on the fast track to holistic wealth. Every NFT comes with a utility that includes: 

Are you aware that there are 2 systems and not just 1?

Law is the hidden system where your rights exist, LEGAL is the cloned system where only benefits exist. 

This is the highest, most fundamental knowledge you can gain and the missing link that solves all other problems around the world. Simplify All The Noise Online And Cut Right To The Chase Without Any Complicated Paperwork Or Status Change Or Legal Knowledge Needed.  "Those In Government Do NOT Want You To Know This" What if our creator perfected law in the beginning and everything since, is not only man-made and flawed, but fraudulent? And if it is fraudulent, it is VOID. 

$100 Discount on "Law Common to i"

The Most Powerful Knowledge You'll Ever Find

Empower 2000—Empowering people, organizations and communities to transform cultures & nations

Empower 2000—the leading company for sound spiritual growth—is offering a Free course called "H.O.P.E.—Health Original Purpose for Everyone" by Dr. Cheryl TownselyIn this comprehensive online course, you will address issues related to your physical body, but you will ALSO discover the rest of the equation. God created you with a body, soul, and spirit—and any approach to health must address all three.

The foundational principles, practical tools, and powerful strategies in this class will help you get there and stay there for the rest of your life 

(Value $800)

There is hope you can be healthy and whole! 

$700 Freedom Gift certificate to Kingdom Authority

Empower 2000 is also offering a powerful life altering course to turn the tide tide in our world called Kingdom Authority by International Teacher and founder Craig Hill of Family Foundations International (FFI) for only $100. If you want to confidently walk in kingdom authority, discover the keys that will grow your influence and impact, and be empowered to fulfill your destiny, then you'll want to cash in this certificate

(Value $700)

Discover God’s purpose for authority & how to walk in it

FREE: Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don't Know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have no debt, and be completely free to use the financial resources God puts in your hands to fulfill your destiny and purpose?

(Value $15)

God's Perfect Plan To Prosper You And Your Family!

50% Discount on Ticket To Freedom Blessing Breakthrough – LIVE Online with Craig Hill

Ticket to Freedom Blessing Breakthrough is a powerful experiential hands on workshop designed to remove self-sabotaging lies, and impartation of blessing so that you can break through the limitations and habits holding you back from walking n the abundant life that God intended you to walk in and establish identity and destiny in your life.

(Value $149.00)

God will restore to you what you may have never received before. 

$500 Discount for the Lighthouse Law Club.

The Lighthouse Law Club stands as the beacon of freedom to guide modern-day pilgrims into safe harbor where they can get off the law of the sea (admiralty) and come upon the land of the several states and be under the protection of the law of the republic which is separate and apart from the corporate democracy of Washington D.C. (King James) 

(Value $500)

Preserving Life, Liberty & Prosperity Represented by Traditional American Values

How I Beat Satan...and the I.R.S. (One Freeman's War)

Keep your money 12 different ways and be fully compliant

This book is short, easy to read and completely 'non-technical'. You will find an interesting personal testimonial about how the author found harmony between God's law and man's law to live a more simple and abundant life free from the technical bureaucracy of the I.R.S. Each of 12 of the 14 short chapters explores a uniquely different and fascinating application of the law which the author used himself to be true to his own personal character and nature without being in conflict with any prescribed federal laws. Any one of the 12 methods would be sufficient in and of itself to accomplish the same end. In this book you get '12' for the price of '1'. 25 years of living in peace and abundance should be proof enough of the effectiveness of his approach.


The Most Powerful Knowledge You'll Ever Find

Fetch The Goodness™ empowers children to have a CHAMPION MINDSET, create CORE VALUES & find their VOICE

If you're looking for a great way to GUIDE your family’s FAITH, KNOWING that they won’t be indoctrinated into racism, gender confusion, or any other worldly issue - then reading this letter may be the best decision you can make right now.

Here are a few one-liners parents are saying about FTG...

  • "FTG has given us opportunities, as a family, to have conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have"
  • "FTG is inspiring my kids to do things they wouldn’t have thought they could do and they have joy in doing it."

(Value $250/yr) First 4 months free $100 off Yearly membership program for both parents & kids.

Your Network Dedicated to Family's Well-being

Rick Osborne
Best Selling Christian Author and Teacher

Rick Osborne has authored and co-authored books that have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Rick was called by the Lord to set aside 3 hours, then 6 hours, then finally 12 hours per day, studying the Word and being taught directly by Jesus. This happened for 10 years!

Rick applied what he learned, and his relationship and intimacy with God skyrocketed! He was given secrets and understandings of God's Word that have only been revealed to a very few.

After the 10-year period, Rick was tasked by the Lord to teach everyone what Jesus taught him. Rick is to reveal the secrets and the deep understanding of the Word so that His children will experience a transformation and experience The Great RESET.

The Eph 3:20 RESET Challenge

In this 4-Day Challenge, you will...

Learn How God's Promise of Eph 3:20 will Impact Your Life
Learn that The Father Wants to Give You Superabundantly More
Learn How to Pray so that The Father Answers Your Prayers
Learn How Rick Spent 10 years with the Lord to Teach You
Learn to RESET Your Marriage, Career, Finances, Family, and more

(Value $497.00)

Eph 3:20 "
Now to Him who is able to do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think..." [AMP]

Crypto is Here to Stay

Crypto is here to stay but which one to invest in, how to understand the market, what drive it, and when to move are all critical, but being on the inside and knowing when an industry shaping crypto is coming is even better so you can get in when the prices are low is the real key to gaining significant returns.  COMING SOON 

(Value $998.00)

Discover a Crypto That Will Change the Playing Field.

Global Purpose Strategies

21 Video Lessons will take you step-by-step through the 80 page Course 1 workbook. When you're finished you’ll have a written plan about who you are, what your Prophetic Blueprint is, and how you’re going to live it out!

This course answers the nagging questions of:

  • “What am I supposed to do with my life?”
  • “How can I be certain about my Kingdom purpose?”
  • “Where do I start?”

If you're looking for a great way to GUIDE your family’s FAITH, KNOWING that they won’t be indoctrinated into racism, gender confusion, or any other worldly issue - then reading this letter may be the best decision you can make right now.

    (Value $250/yr) First 4 months free $100 off Yearly membership program for both parents & kids.

    Your Network Dedicated to Family's Well-being

    Holpen Christian Stewardship Trusts and PMAs

    Brazen government agent/agency overreach and control, while enlisting corporations as agents, creates a climate of privacy erosion, higher taxation, control of the church/ekklesia, undisclosed contracts, deceptive assumptions, and presumptions of authority over your property, and more, with little to no accountability to the people while holding themselves as innocent is the method of operation today.  Seeds of prosperity are being stolen that diminish the harvest for your offspring. People are indoctrinated to rely on agencies of government as the stewards when agencies have been the problem. 

    It is time We the People restore the voice and authority of what God has given us to steward; His church/ekklesia, His business, assets, and more.  

    (Value $500.00)

    Holpen Christian Stewardship Trusts Is Dedicated to Your Family's Financial Security

    Holpen Christian-Stewardship Trust PMAs with 1776 declaration and peace flag

    Our pure contract Christian stewardship trusts helps in these areas and more…

    1. Privacy/Asset Protection
    2. Tax Immunity, exemption, exception, protection 
    3. Non-Reporting (for tax purposes, non 501c3), Christian Business, Christian Church Assembly, Christian Estate Planning, Christian Ministry, Christian Church Auxiliary Assemblies 
    4. Private Member Association Assembly (PMAs)

    And much more.

    All Natural Yummylicious Organic Cookies

    We make cookies that are both good and good for you, being honest about and honest with our ingredients, and celebrating God’s goodness by using ingredients from His good Earth. We are also committed to donating 10% of all revenue, not just our profits, to worthwhile causes. We started this from Day 1 and will continue as a matter of principle and trust.

    1st Order Free Giant Coffee Mug

    (Value $15)

    God’s goodness by using ingredients from His good Earth

    To Tell YOUR Story...Was The Key...

    Have you considered launching a podcast, audiobook or challenge?

    But for some reason, you just haven't pulled the trigger? 

    What has NOT showing up really cost you?

    Missed opportunities?



    (Value $997.00) America Prosper  $15

    Discover a Crypto That Will Change the Playing Field.

    Lifetime 50% Discount to The Warriors Wealth Network WWN

    The current media machine programs your mind to consume and keep you in debt. While you think it's cheap to subscribe to popular video streaming and media companies and all the other entertainment you are actually investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your own destruction. The Warriors Wealth Network WWN. is the first and only network dedicated to helping you create wealth

    (Value $180/yr)

    Your Network Dedicated to Wealth

    VIP Sovereign Founders Ongoing Utility  

    As the America First NFT community grows we're going to be working to make it more and more valuable for our founding members to empower them to make a bigger impact in their lives, communities and nations. As a VIP Sovereign Founder you'll get special access free & VIP Membership discounts including being entered into a drawing for a all expenses paid ticket to a future Re-Awakening America Tour.

    (Value $PRICELESS)

    A Journey from Scarcity to Abundance through Sharing Capitalism

    and much, much more. 

    When you invest in the America First NFT, you are not just investing in a NFT that will grow in value, you are investing in a piece of history and joining a movement that is determined to walk in the freedom that they are created, by right to walk in!


    This is a sneak peak at history!

    A Technology Movement
    to Restore Freedom!

    An America First Sovereign NFT is not just an NFT, it's a technology movement to restore freedom in the earth beginning with America 1st, then quickly spreading around the earth!

    This NFT will empower people with wisdom knowledge, skills and technology so that we can walk in the divine freedom that we have been guaranteed and put a stop to the evil tyrannical system that is trying to enslave us.

    We are beginning this movement with a pre-sell of a rare, collectible, collection of 1776 America 1st NFT’s for a once in a lifetime offer of $1776

    Then on September 29, 2022, just a little over a month after 246th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we will have a big reveal party with notable individuals where we will reveal your original and unique sovereign NFT.

    Your Sovereign NFT will grant you Founders Level Access to a world of freedom, plus give you early adopter access to the first ever Sovereign Crypto Token backed by a tangible value that will grow in worth and be much more stable than traditional crypto currencies that fluctuate.

    Every great movement as it's beginnings

    Just the Beginning!

    And this initial July 4th Launch is just the beginning...

    As America First NFT kicks off its second minting round, we’ll be instituting a way to pay people in crypto for learning the Constitution, we’ll be creating a special affiliate/networking component for people to earn as they share this freedom sovereign movement that empowers others to get free and so much more. 

    A clarion call is going forth...

    We are looking for those who want to partner with us to finally put a stop to the evil we all know is advancing in the world with little restraint! 

    Now is our chance, before it’s too late, to really do something about it!

    This is one movement you’ll be proud to tell your children and grandchildren that you were a part of.

    And so the adventure for securing freedom again begins, not just in America, but around the earth!

    Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    In Celebration of America's 246th Anniversary we are making these Rare America First Sovereign NFT's available for a ONE TIME ONLY Special America's Founding Offer for 

    ONLY $777.00  

    We can promise you that these will NOT last long. Once we hit the first 1776 orders this page will be closed once and for all and you'll have to join our waiting list for our next NFT drop with our charter member NFT's. 

    Secure Your America First Sovereign NFT Now!

    This will be a once and a lifetime opportunity to be part of something that will literally change the course of history for millions, and this will be your one time shot at being a founder. Once we sell our initial drop of 1776 NFT's the Founders opportunity will be gone forever!

    america first sovereign nft



    Free H.O.P.E.—Health course $800  
    Coupon for Kingdom Authority $700
    FREE Five Wealth Secrets Book $15
    Ticket to Freedom $149.00
    Liberty Law Club Discount $500
    Law Common to i Discount $100
    Escaping Economic Slavery $Priceless
    Cryptocurrency Masterclass $1,997
    50% Discount to WWNetwork $189
    VIP Sovereign Founders Ongoing Utility

    Who will be the first to get their "digital NFT declaration" and own a piece of history?

    who will be first to become a founder

    Will Your Name Go Here First?

    1st America First Sovereign Founder

    Our FREEDOM Utility Guarantee

    We are so confident that you are going to love all the utility of your American First Founders Sovereign NFT. The Utility is built into a dashboard for you to immediately redeem upon ownership 

    It’s Time To Decide!

    Now it's time to decide!

    When the Founding Fathers decided to sign their name on the Declaration of Independence, they were pledging their names, their families, their fortunes and their sacred honor for a shot at true freedom. 

    And now it's your turn. 

    Do you want to stay stuck and suffer the oppression of a tyrannical regime bent on keeping you enslaved, with no plans for your better future other than to eliminate you since they now have the robotics to replace 2/3 of the world’s population now that their system is in place?


    Are you ready to join a movement for freedom that will restore the foundations of life, freedom, and ensure we thrive and prosper to pursue happiness as a global people?

    You have to decide as in the paraphrased words of William Wallace “fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least a little while dying in your beds, if you even have them, now many years from now wishing you had done something to stop this insanity.

    Would you be willing to trade all the days from this moment to that for one more chance to take a stand and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom? "

    Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    You may be thinking, what is the use, it's all over. How can we defeat such a giant? 

    That's why most of the Israelites said when they faced goliath but one man, David, believed that His God was bigger and how dare this Philistine mock his God and you know what happened? He took him down with a single stone and chopped off his head!

    Never Give In...

    In the spirit of the words of Winston Churchill let us conclude and say that..

    “We have nothing to truly offer but blood, toil tears and sweat.

    We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. 

    We have had many many years of struggle and of suffering as a result of a ruling few.

    You may ask "What is our policy?" 

    We boldly declare it is to wage war using technology with all our might, and with all the strength that God can give us. 

    To wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalog of human crime. 

    That is our policy.

    You may ask "What is our aim?"

    We can answer in one word, Victor, Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror.

    Victory, however long and hard the road may be for without victory, there is no survival,

    Now we stand at a threshold of time and space. To decide, to press on and fight, or to yield and cave. 

    We are the masters of our Fate!

    That the task which has been set us is not above our strength!

    That it’s pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith, in our cause, our God and an unconquerable willpower, salvation will not be denied us.

    The forces of darkness know that they have to break us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially or lose the war.

    Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that the United States and all those who defended her with their lives, that if we last for 1,000 years, humanity will still say “This is our finest hour” 

    Never in the field of human confilct was so much owed by so many to so few!

    We shall fight in business, we shall fight in our churches, in our ministry, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in our numbers we shall defend our freedom, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight where ever we can make the difference and we shall never surrender.

    Never give in, never, never, never

    In nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.

    Never yield to force, 

    Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy, 

    We have stood all together throughout history, and even now and to many around the world it seems our account is closed. 

    All is finished. All this tradition of ours, our history, our art, our creative insights, our songs, this part of the history of our country, all were gone and finished and liquidated. 

    Very different is the mood today. 

    America, other nations think, had drawn a sponge across her slate, but instead our country has stood in the gap to so many. 

    There was no flinching no thought of giving in. And by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside our borders that we in the patriot community have never doubted it we now find ourselves in a position where we say we can be sure that we have only to conquer preserver”

    get your ticket to freedom


    Your Ticket to Freedom!

    Owning an America First NF T is going to be a part of history!

    A founding moment... 

    Your ticket to freedom!

    Once this lot has sold out, you’ll never get the chance to be a America First Sovereign Founder. 

    We will have another minting where we drop the next phase of NFT designed to capture the heart of Freedom, which has been a cry of humanity throughout the ages, but this first 1776 NFT lot will be one of a kind!

    Get Your America First Sovereign NFT now before July 31st 2022 or we sell out.

    Become an America First Sovereign NFT Owner

    In Celebration of America's 246th Anniversary we are offering a once in a life time opportunity to get one of these Rare America First Sovereign NFT's or a ONE TIME ONLY 
    Special Founders Offer for 

    ONLY $777.00  

    We can promise you that these will NOT last long. Once we hit the first 1776 orders this page will be closed once and for all and you'll have to join our waiting list for our next NFT drop with our charter member NFT's. 

    america first sovereign nft



    Free H.O.P.E.—Health course $800
    Coupon for Kingdom Authority $700
    FREE Five Wealth Secrets Book $15
    Ticket to Freedom $149.00
    Liberty Law Club Discount $500
    Law Common to i Discount $100
    Escaping Economic Slavery $Priceless
    Cryptocurrency Masterclass $1,997
    50% Discount to WWNetwork $189
    VIP Sovereign Founders Ongoing Utility
    TOTAL VALUE $4,441.00

    Who will be the first to get their "digital NFT declaration" and own a piece of history?

    who will be first to become a founder

    Will Your Name Go Here First?

    1st America First Sovereign Founder

    Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

    America First is the first NFT that is not only designing NFT's with significant trading value that is
    making a difference, but has created the simplest platform to not only buy but mint NFT's. 

    Josh Reid

    CEO, Redpill Project

    American First is a historical representation of the preservation of our American ideals and values, and beacon of freedom and truth, moving into the progression of the future, within this new technological class...we're preserving the past in the future technologies.

    Michael-John Toste

    Musician, Speaker, Author of The Prophetic Matrix

    America First is a powerful movement with the potential to initiate positive transformation in our country and throughout the world.

    Copyright © America First. All Rights Reserved. 

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